A Bit of a Self Challenge

It is quite apparent that I have not done much writing here on Beer Living lately. It is not that I have been of out of the “beer life” or anything like that. I guess I’ve suffered from a very long case of writers bock, uh, block. So in an effort to get over that, I’ve come up with  a plan. To help me with the ever present ‘what the heck should I write about today’ question, I’ve come up with the following schedule of topics. On Tuesdays I will spotlight a Belgian style of beer, and on Thursdays I will spotlight a stout style of beer.  I’ll  try and select Florida or regional offerings, that may not be as well known in places other than Florida. The Belgian beers will include both beers from Belgium, as well as beers brewed around the world in some of the classic Belgian styles.  I do plan on some occasional bonus days as well. Maybe a Seasonal Sunday. Or a Hoppy Friday. How about a Sour Monday.

Stay Tuned.