About Us

We are Jill and Kim and our beer names are The Beer Goddess Hoppygirl and Kimo. We  have a few other beer names as well, but we don’t always remember those.

The Beer Living story begins a number of years ago. After a trip abroad, we began to realize that there was much more to the beer world than the typical mega breweries offerings.  So we began to search out new beer taste experiences. And as the Washington Irving quote goes  “They who drink beer will think beer.” …..They is us.

Beer Living is a place to share beer news, beer reviews, beer thoughts, beer stories, beer places, beer recipes, well, all things beer. We don’t pretend to be beer professionals, only beer lovers.

We live in the Central Florida area and when we are not drinking or thinking beer, Hoppygirl works in  the dental field, and Kimo is in software development.